University of Michigan Herbarium (MICH)

Specialty: Worldwide, especially temperate North America and the Great Lakes region. Specific strengths include marine algae of eastern North America, West Indies, Alaska, and Pacific Islands; bryophytes of tropical America; Agaricaceae and Hymenogastraceae of western North America; vascular plants of Mexico, Iran, Himalayas, southwestern Pacific Region, and southeastern Asia; Cyperaceae, Malpighiaceae, and Myrtaceae of the New World.
Date Founded: 1837.

Contacts: Richard Rabeler, Collections Manager,
Collection Type: Preserved Specimens
Management: Data snapshot of local collection database
Last Update: 21 December 2017
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University of Michigan Herbarium
3600 Varsity Drive
Ann Arbor, MI   48108-2228
Collection Statistics
  • 199,047 specimen records
  • 39,315 (20%) georeferenced
  • 170,081 (85%) with images (171,111 total images)
  • 3 GenBank genetic references
  • 191,230 (96%) identified to species
  • 50 families
  • 919 genera
  • 5,909 species
  • 7,158 total taxa (including subsp. and var.)
Extra Statistics
Geographic Distribution - Virgin Islands
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  • Prince William (1)
  • Princess Anne (1)
  • Washington (1)